Whether you are a small restaurant owner or run a large food service establishment serving thousands, grease discharge to the waste water system is a problem. Most all Local Authorities now have effluent discharge regulations that limit the amount of grease and oils effluent that can be released into the environment. Violations can be quite costly resulting in fines and operational downtime. In addition, grease and solids can physically obstruct your drain lines requiring costly repairs. ProViro Environmental Services  provides a cost effective solutions to your problems. If you plan to design or install a new high volume food service drain system, or renovate your existing system, a grease and oils removal system will help you avoid expensive interruptions and higher operating costs in the future.

We at ProViro Environmental Services are the Irish and UK distributors for Thermaco, Inc BIG-DIPpER Mighty Trap and TrapZilla products and have been providing solutions for architects engineers and end users all over Europe for the past twenty five years. Through our vast experience we have become the experts in all aspects of grease removal from kitchen effluent. When working with engineers and architects we have developed a very simple process i.e. when you have a project comprising catering facilities you send us a CAD drawing and we make recommendations on drainage runs and grease trap locations etc. and provide a quotation accordingly.

At ProViro Environmental Services we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We supply you with the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your particular needs. We liaise with your plumber and building contractor during construction. We train your clients staff and provide ongoing backup service. We provide grease trap maintenance services too by means of the facility of our sister company G.T.M.S.  (Grease Trap Maintenance Services ). We are a permitted company that can collect waste Fats, Oils, and Grease for rendering etc but mainly for the purpose of providing in-depth and detailed grease trap services. We offer customers tailored service agreements.

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