Big Dipper

Thermaco’s Big Dipper range has been on the market for 35 years. Over that time Big Dipper has evolved and changed for the better many times. When Big Dipper first came to the Europe from the U.S. market, the Big Dipper version at the time was the 2,000 series. We are now currently supplying the 40,000. This current series boosted an easy to use interface which requires no input from kitchen staff, as at the time of installation the program is set and there is rarely a need to alter it in the future. The Big Dipper is basically a passive grease trap that has the ability to skim trapped grease out of the unit and transfers it into a cleverly designed raised grease jug. Skimming the grease out of the unit like this keeps the Big Dipper working efficiently.

The Big Dipper is known as an Automatic Grease Trap, or a Grease Recovery Unit ( G.R.U. ), Point Source Unit, or sometimes an Under-sink unit. These grease traps like the Big Dipper and the Mighty Trap are the wise choice in anyone’s kitchen.

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Mighty Trap

The Mighty Trap range of G.R.U. is a great option for those projects that are on a tighter budget, but the project still needs a clever, reliable and effective grease trap solution. The Mighty is a slimmed down version of the Big Dipper. It can be said that the Mighty Trap is the “Bread & Butter” of our grease trap range here. Consisting of all the main great qualities and attributions, as that Big Dipper range. As this is a Thermaco product the Mighty Trap has true pedigree dating back nearly 4 decades. The Mighty Trap is a more cost effective/focused G.R.U. The Type of end users who choose the Mighty Trap are normally the scrupulous type of decision maker.

G-35 Mighty Trap



TrapZilla is revolutionary type of grease trap. The TrapZilla is our answer to the passive grease trap types on the market. We refer to the TrapZilla grease trap a Hydro-mechanical type of grease trap. TrapZilla has taken the difficulties that traditional passive grease traps experience (dew to its 4000 year old basic design) and turns them into new age of grease trap design. This new design and way of trapping grease makes the TrapZilla range on average about 70% more efficient then a comparable size passive grease trap.

This means there are potential for lots of cost savings. Savings in the installation and regular maintenance, even from a large service providers point-of-view there are huge savings. The TrapZilla product range can be used in a “building block” type of way to build custom designs that can cater for any size of F.S.E. The TrapZilla is traditionally and fundamentally sized accordingly by flow rate capability (the speed of the water coming into the unit). However once an architect or builder is sufficiently educated on the potential of the hole TrapZilla range then the configurations are never ending. Now that the designer is not limited by flow rate, and huge physical size, when choosing a grease trap solution this means the end user will get a grease trap solution that services them rather than the designer/end-user being forced to choose, an”off the shelf type of grease trap”, which are indiscriminate to their final resting place.

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Parts and Accessories

We stock a full range a replacement parts. There are many extra accessories we have to offer, like under sink food solid interceptors, flow splitters and carbon vents.

You can see the full range that we offer here on this link

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G.T.M.S. is our sister company that fills the service side of this business. G.T.M.S. means Grease Trap Maintenance Services, and that is what we do. With all the years experience we have, repairing and supplying all sorts of grease trap solutions. With that experience we offer a first class grease trap maintenance service like no other. We pride ourselves in getting the job done right and to the to manufacturers standards. Most grease traps must be serviced once every 3 months. between these services we included cover for call outs and repair work for our signed up service customers. These customers avail of no call out charges for trouble shooting and repair and free re-training when required. G.T.M.S has many clients, like Nandos, G.B.K., McDonald’s and P.W.C. for a many years.

More information on this service is in this link.