Big Dipper

Thermaco’s Big Dipper Automatic Grease Trap has been a market leader for 38 years. Over that time Big Dipper has evolved and improved. The original 2,000 Series has evolved into the current 51,000 Series. The Big Dipper 51,000 is the first fully sealed automatic grease trap in the world, trapping any odours from the grease mat inside the unit.

The Big Dipper traps grease from kitchen waste water and at timed intervals skims it off and transfers it to an attached sealed collection vessel. The Big Dipper 51,000 series has an easy to use interface which requires no input from kitchen staff, as at the time of installation the skim program is set and there is rarely a need to alter it.

Big Dipper; the cost effective, efficient and wise choice for any commercial kitchen.

Click Here for the Introduction Video for the 51000 series BIG DIPpER

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TrapZilla is a truly revolutionary grease trap. TrapZilla is our answer to the passive and hydromechanical grease traps on the market. TrapZilla is a hydromechanical grease trap and its design makes it 70% more efficient than a comparable size passive or hydromechanical grease trap.
Because TrapZilla can store more grease in a smaller volume it can be installed in places where conventional metal or concrete traps won’t fit. It has a much smaller footprint than an equivalent concrete or metal grease trap. Because it is made of corrosion free polyethylene it is lighter and easier to install.It can be fitted underground, in a basement or even between floors of a building.
Conventional grease traps have to be pumped out when grease constitutes 25% of their volume. This proves very costly as 75% of what is pumped out is contaminated water and pumpers charge by volume. Trapzilla’s innovative design enables it retain 85% of its volume in grease before needing to be pumped out resulting in huge savings on pumping costs.

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Click Here for the introduction Video for the TrapZilla

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